July Meeting Minutes

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If you participated in the Monkish Monster Brew please try to bring some of your finished beer to the August meeting.  Henry and his team have been invited so hopefully we can even share our beers with him! We had the second Iron Brewer Competition this year.  The ingredients were Peaches, Rye malt, and Southern Cross or Nelson Sauvin hops.  This was one of the closest iron brewers with only 1 vote between 1st and 2nd and 1 vote between 2nd and 3rd.  Congratulations to Rich Thorton on his third consecutive win! Remember the upcoming competitions including the Pacific Brewers Cup … Read More

Monster Brew at Monkish on 6/6

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We are hosting a Monster Brew at Monkish on June 6.  The recipe for the wort is 1.051OG and 25 IBUs with a grain bill of 78% domestic 2row,  12% flaked oats,  5% Vienna, and  4% acid. That’s great but many are asking what do I make with this beer?  Based on previous posts from Carl Townsend and Jim Wilson here is what we suggest (or maybe blatantly plagiarized): The first step is to pick a style and an appropriate yeast.  After that modify the wort to make it appropriate for the style.  Some styles will require little modification.  This … Read More

CHA registration rates announced

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Remember the club has reserved 11 campsites and there is room for 6 people and two vehicles per campsite.  We have room for about 16 club members in addition to those who already expressed interest in attending or reserved one of the 11 campsites.  Here is the update from CHA: “The California Homebrewers Association (CHA) Board of Directors is happy to announce a discounted registration cost for the Southern California Homebrewers Festival (SCHF) that is scheduled for May 1 and 2, 2015.  Entry into the Festival is only available to members of the CHA.   Please see the registration cost schedule below: $25 if purchased up until Jan. 31 $30 if purchased between Feb. … Read More

2014 SBC Home Brew Club of the Year Entry

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Here is our Submission to the California State Homebrew club of the Year: SBC_2014_rev1 Thanks to Steve Fafard, Bob Wilson, Rick Wirsing, and Jason Light for all their help with the charts.  Thanks also to Rick Wirsing for capturing and sorting all the pictures of Strand Brewers Club events this year and also to Rives Borland for putting together a solid 2013 entry for us to build off of. Also congratulations to the Maltose Falcons, this years winners.

October Meeting

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On 10/8 Strand Brewers Club held the October meeting and the 3rd Iron Brewer Competition of the year.  The first iron brewer competition was coconut, special B, and Calypso hops, won by Steve Gardner, the second competition was for hazelnut victory malt and tettnag hops won by Michelle Nuemann and her assistant bottle washer Bob Wilson.  This competition was coffee, marris otter and Willamette hops.  Adair Johnson had a fantastic blond stout with coffee and cardamom, but Rich Thorton wan the competition soundly with a delicious coffee vanilla milk stout.  Thanks to everyone who competed! Paypal is up on the … Read More

Help With Club Bar Repairs

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At the September 2014 meeting the Strand Brewers Club voted to replace the 22 old, dinged, and beat up chrome plated faucets and shanks on the club bar with new stainless faucets, shanks, and tailpieces. With care these club bar upgrades will be the last we need for a very long time. The Strand Brewers Club is looking for donors to help offset the expense of the upgrade. Donors will be recognized with something like a nameplate on the club bar or a commemorative glass, but details are yet to be finalized. The total cost for the new stainless parts … Read More

Adventures With SMaSH

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Single-Malt and Single-Hop (SMaSH) beers offer the opportunity to strip a beer down to the bare essentials. No complicated grain bills or hop lineups! They make learning about individual ingredients easy. We will have several SMaSH Challenges this year. For the April meeting we are highlighting dry-hopping. First, the base recipe: All-grain (for 5 gallons): 10 lbs American 2-Row Pale Malt 0.8 oz Magnum hops (60 minute addition) WLP 001 California Ale Yeast Mash at 154 degrees for 60 minutes. Extract (for 5 gallons): 7.5 lbs American 2-Row Pale Malt 0.8 oz Magnum hops (60 minute addition) WLP 001 California Ale Yeast My … Read More