Southern California Homebrewers Festival

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SCHF is April 30th

California Homebrewers Association is looking for volunteers for Southern California Homebrewers Festival. You can sign up to volunteer at

For volunteering 2 hours (or 1 hour on Sunday) you will not be required to pay for a SCHF registration fee($35). But to go to SCHF you will still need to be a member of CHA.

Strand Brewers Club has reserved 9 campsites for SCHF and there is still room for more campers.  If you haven’t been to SCHF before it is a great time.  And as usual Strand will have the 22 tap bar and be pouring beer at the festival.  Check  the January Dregs for more details.

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  1. Jim Wilson

    Strand will host a contest honoring Jeff Sanders on March 12. Judging will be at 1321 Sartori in Torrance. SBBS will receive entries from Feb 13 until noon Feb 27. The contest will include beers that Jeff enjoyed.
    • English Ales: Strong Bitter 11c, IPA 12C, Brown 13B, Porter 13C, Oatmeal Stout 16B, Barleywine 17D
    • Scotch Ales: 80/- 14C, Wee Heavy 17C
    • American Ales: Pale 18B, IPA 21A, Brown 19C, Porter 20A, Stout 20B, Barleywine 22C
    • Pliny the Elder Clone 34A
    • Wood Aged 33A or B
    • Iron Brewer Experimental 34C: You choose and identify the style. Recipe must include the special ingredients Victory malt, EK Golding hops and coffee. Special ingredients must be detectable in finished beer.

    We’ll get more details out shortly.

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