Help With Club Bar Repairs

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At the September 2014 meeting the Strand Brewers Club voted to replace the 22 old, dinged, and beat up chrome plated faucets and shanks on the club bar with new stainless faucets, shanks, and tailpieces. With care these club bar upgrades will be the last we need for a very long time. The Strand Brewers Club is looking for donors to help offset the expense of the upgrade. Donors will be recognized with something like a nameplate on the club bar or a commemorative glass, but details are yet to be finalized. The total cost for the new stainless parts are 916.06 or 41.64 per faucet. Strand Brewers Club is asking for a donation of at least 40 dollars to sponsor a faucet. You can contribute by cash or check at our club meeting, or via the PayPal button below. You can choose to contribute the estimated $40, or the actual cost of a faucet, and also choose to help out the club by including the PayPal fees we would otherwise have to cover.