October Meeting


On 10/8 Strand Brewers Club held the October meeting and the 3rd Iron Brewer Competition of the year.  The first iron brewer competition was coconut, special B, and Calypso hops, won by Steve Gardner, the second competition was for hazelnut victory malt and tettnag hops won by Michelle Nuemann and her assistant bottle washer Bob Wilson.  This competition was coffee, marris otter and Willamette hops.  Adair Johnson had a fantastic blond stout with coffee and cardamom, but Rich Thorton wan the competition soundly with a delicious coffee vanilla milk stout.  Thanks to everyone who competed!

Paypal is up on the website.  If you have been waiting to pay 2014 dues for paypal., now is the time.

Remember the homebrew demo at Jim Hilbing’s and the Octoberfest Party at Jeff Sander’s both this Saturday.  Jay Ankeney is hosting a homebrew demo on November 1.  Jay has registered the event for AHA’s Learn to Homebrew Day, and will be demoing the stovetop method he has used to win numerous medals at competition.

Jeff will have the club bar set up and if they are ready the shirt orders will be on hand for everyone to pick up.

A big thanks to Bob and Michelle for going all the way to Belgium just to bring a bottle of Cantillon to the meeting.

A draft of the Anchor Homebrew Club of the Year entry was also presented at the meeting.  Please email president(at)strandbrewersclub(dot)org with any recommendations or inputs you have.

Jim Wilson is looking for a volunteer to administer the exam on Dec 6 so he can proctor. The volunteer must be a BJCP judge, otherwise, it’s an easy way to earn 2 non-judging experience points.

AHA’s Learn to Homebrew Day