Iron Brewer #9-#12 Winner

Three times a year Strand Brewers Club hosts a brewers take on Iron Chef with our own Iron Brewer Challenge. We randomly choose a hop, specialty grain and adjunct witch must be creatively used. Some very interesting, and great beers have come out of these events. Below is a list of past Iron Brewers.



#17 (July) Cascade Hops, Chocolate Malt, and Rosemary

#18 (October) Simcoe Hops, Malted Wheat, and Pumpkin Spices



#16 Wakatu Hops, Golden Promise Malt and Mango, winner Jeff and Christy Hoy


#15 Saaz Hops, Munich, and Passion Fruit, winner Dan Parker

#14 Tettnang Hops, Flaked Wheat, and Raspberries, winner Ryan Penrod

#13 Hallertauer Hops, CaraMunich, and Blood Oranges winner Dan Parker


#12 Palisade Hops, Crystal Malt, and Ginger, winner Rich Thorton

#11 Nelson Sauvin or Southern Cross Hops, Rye, and Peaches, winner Rich Thorton

#10 Cascade Hops, Chocolate Malt, and Orange Peel winner Rich Thorton


#9 Willamette Hops, Maris Otter, and Coffee, winner Rich Thorton

#8 Tetnang Hops, Victory Malt, Hazelnut, winner Bob Wilson and Michelle Neumann

#7 Calypso Hops, Special B Malt, Coconut, winner Steve Gardner


#6: El Dorado Hops Crystal Malt, Sour Cherries, winner Rives Borland

#5: Saaz hops, Lactose, peppercorns, winner Rives Borland

#4: liberty hops, flaked corn, coriander, winner Jim Wilson