April meeting


Remember the April meeting is at Honest Abe Hard Cider (17800 S Main St #105, Carson, California 90248) not South Bay Brewing Supply.  See you there!

February meeting


Remember the meeting tomorrow 2/10 at 7:00 PM at South Bay Brewing Supply.  It should be a great meeting. As part of the educational segment of the meeting I am bringing 5 saisons made from the same wort. That is right not 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 but 5!

November Meeting Minutes

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Congratulations to the 2016 officers: Bob Wilson – President Dan Parker – Vice President Barb Bovee – Secretary Chris Remensperger – treasurer (2nd term) At the meeting we discussed purchasing a club branded pop-up (details in an earlier post) and celebrated being awarded the California state homebrew club of the year. As we are approaching the end of the year, we need to start finalizing the homebrewer of the year points.  The most recent listing is 2015 hboty11_24  Please email me if you are missing points. Remember the holiday party on 12/12!

Hop Hunter Clone Brew Contest

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At the September Meeting we are having a contest to clone Sierra Nevada’s newest IPA Hop Hunter.  Jason Rosenfeld will be judging the entries, and is coming to our May meeting to answer questions and discuss the contest. From Sierra Nevada’s Website: Hop Hunter Overview Alcohol Content 6.2% by volume Beginning gravity 14.7° plato Ending Gravity 2.8° plato Bitterness Units 60 Ingredients Yeast Ale yeast Bittering Hops Bravo Finishing Hops Cascade, Crystal, Simcoe Malts Two-row Pale, Caramel, Flaked Oats Other Farm Distilled Hop Oil: Cascade, Centennial, CTZ From Jason on the hop oil: The distilled hop oil is used only … Read More

February Meeting


Announcements Membership Cards We will start issuing membership cards to all paying members this year.  The goal of this is to allow the club to negotiate with local craft breweries and craft beer establishments for discounts for SBC members.  The cost of the membership cards is minimal.  Look for them in May or April. Club 13 ounce tulips These will be sold for 6 dollars per glass or 5 dollars per glass if more than one are purchased.  Unfortunately only 8 were brought to the meeting.  We will have more on hand at the March meeting as these are great … Read More

January Meeting


Happy New Years It was great to see so many people after the holidatys, and see a few new faces too.  At the January meeting we covered meeting minutes from the officers meeting. 1 Southern California Homebrewers Festival Bob Wilson is campsite coordinator and there is still space for additional attendees.  Despite the Vail Lake RV resort website saying tent camping is not allowed we have confirmed with their staff that tent camping will be allowed for the festival. The Festival Bragging Rights Competition is stouts this year.  We will have a competition in April to see which beer should represent … Read More

November meeting Minutes


Announcements: The Holiday party is on 12/6 again at the Fafard’s.  This is always a very fun evening and Steve and his wife are fantastic hosts.  Remember to bring your raincoat there has been some precipitation 4 of the last 4 years The Homebrew club of the Year entry is on the website.  Congratulations to the Maltose Falcons this years winner There is a BJCP taste exam on 12/6, if you are able to donate beer for the exam please contact me at president(at)strandbrewersclub.com.  In exchange for your donation you will receive ~24 score sheets on your beer.  Many club … Read More

November Meeting Carbonation Tasting


At the November meeting we are having our last single variable tasting of the year.  This one is focusing on carbonation.  To participate just bring any beer that you have that has been carbonated to the same level with a different method or to two different carbonation levels.  Leave a comment on what you are bringing so everyone knows what to expect.  I am bringing a saison that I packaged at two different carbonation levels.